PWP Chapter 176 Lost and Found page


Many times, articles are lost or left behind at a PWP function. We try to contact those who may have been in attendance, but frequently we are unsuccessful. If you have attended one of our functions and forgotten something or just left it behind, we might have it for you. Below are items either lost or found. If you are the owner and would like to claim the article, please contact the host/hostess listed. If you have lost something not listed and would like to post information about it, please email the chapter at and we will include it here. In your listing, please include your email address or home phone number for those who may have found it to contact you directly. Please, limit your lost articles to inanimate objects no lost husbands, wives, significant others, children etc.


Left at the House Party on August 17th at xxxxxxx home

        Yellow Pot Holder with bees on it

        3 CDs


Lost at: Red, White and Blue house party on July 7th at xxxxxx home

        Carla Cook is missing a white plastic ladle. An address label was pasted under the handle. Please email Karl if you have the ladle.


Found at: New Member house party on May 11th at xxxxxxx home:

        Brown Leather coat/jacket, size 44 was left at the party.